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Into The Metaverse
November 2021

The problem

Today’s world is drowning in shallow communication and endless information. Social media magnifies this problem with people promoting unrealistic, fake lifestyles.

And in our daily lives we struggle to find meaningful connections with our neighbors and colleagues. No wonder we feel isolated, lonely and stifled.

Is real connection even possible in our world today? Is there anyone who can understand you? If this is how you feel, you might be tempted to believe that you’ll feel isolated for the rest of your life.

To escape that feeling we run to drugs, games and dreams. But these are also not real.

Brave new world

But what if there was a real, vivid way to connect deeply with like-minded people? What if that way is here for you now, available any time?

We created that New World for you! A world brimming with an international community of people who value personal development and want to help you grow, people who inspire you and share your values.

You’ll meet and engage with real people in real time — not their profiles. Together with others you develop vibrant and emotionally-rich connections.

Bring your ideas, your thoughts, your questions. Share them with the community. Listen and join in the vigorous conversation you created. When you get involved trust and meaningful feelings naturally grow.

The more you share and contribute, the better your reputation becomes and the easier it becomes to attract friends and gain followers. You attract a circle of friends who nurture you.

Join us

In our virtual world, you create the events that reflect who you are. Take the stage in front of a large audience! Gather friends for a fireside chat. Host a gallery opening to show off your newest artwork.

From the kitchen table to the Internet, a shared passion for ideas, events, news, and entertainment always brings us together.

We give everyone the space and chance to show their passion through events that unite like-minded people in real time across the globe.

Join Connect Club for meaningful, emotionally-fulfilling connections with like-minded people who are there when you need them.

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